My girl and her dancing friends on the red carpet. What a fantastic presentation last night. Way to go Lee Ann Long and Long's School of Dance. Such hard work and effort put forth by all of those who participated on and off stage! Thank you to all! Janna was was in seven numbers with three quick changes and a zero change. Thank you Weslea for your assistance here! I was impressed with the success of her returns to stage and minimal causality to her costume line up (missing only a small hair piece). Way to go Janna May and Long's School of Dance!

Crystal T. - 22/09/2015

Long's you never let us down. You always have one of the best productions and we are so grateful to be a part of it. I heard people saying how they just couldn't get over the quality of the show. It's something more than just a dance show. I'm so proud of the staff and students. Everyone works so darn hard!! It was one heck of a performance tonight and I'm lucky enough to get to go tomorrow night too!!! Thanks to all for all your hard work all year long!!!

Maria C. - 23/09/2015

Tonight's recital was amazing! Jamie Schumacher and Lee Ann Long - Congrats to all the performers tonight, you all rocked! Whoever played Elsa for the Frozen number, was AMAZING. I wish someone could've videotaped her singing. She gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes! And every little kid in the audience was singing along.

Tiffany P. - 23/09/2015

Hi! I am a graduate of the Dance Educators of America Training School. I attended when Mrs. Long was the president of the Training School... I dare say, the early 1970s! I remember her as a very helpful and encouraging person to all us young (at the time!) dance teachers! I read the article about your studio in Dance Studio Life Magazine and enjoyed it very much!! And I remember "Shorty" playing the piano for our tap classes with tap dancing great, Paul Draper. Best wishes for continued success!!!

David P. - 23/09/2015

What a wonderful dance season! I am filled with so much emotion today, looking forward to the big show tonight! Thank you Miss Jamie for being the best teacher, we are so thankful for all your hard work and patience! We love you and can't wait to see you dance too!

Sarah L. - 23/09/2015

Thank you for mentoring and helping our daughter focus in dance. We've seen her put so much love & energy into her growing love of ballet and look forward to the many years to come. This year was a bit harder for her as she has transitioned from dancing with younger girls to those in the older age groups, but the girls in her group, as well as others at the studio, are always willing to support one another. That's a true dance family! Thank you!

Heather K. - 23/09/2015

What a wonderful show!!! Your parents should be proud. I know we are!! Thanks for all that you do! You go above and beyond and we just adore you! Your talent is amazing!

Maria C. - 23/09/2015

You danced (and flew) so pretty tonight!!!! I'm super impressed with your mad skills.

Molly H. - 23/09/2015

My girls had such a wonderful time dancing this weekend. After watching the whole show last night, Maya told me she wants to be a dancer when she grows up!! Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Tiffany. Xoxo

Rebecca B. - 23/09/2015

If any words can describe Long's, I'd have to use "Outstanding." Such a wonderful and well ran dance studio. Thank you guys for everything you have done!

Dan S. - 23/09/2015

Every year I'm amazed by how talented the Long's dancers are. You all are so gifted and I'm so thankful that my daughter, Emma, gets to learn from the best! I'm also thankful for the role models she has at Long's, especially Karen Weibel, who has taught her, loved her, hugged her, dried her tears, and continues to be an inspiration to her. Thank you ALL for everything you do! It's obvious you all spend countless hours making sure the dancers have the very best experience! "Thank you" just isn't enough!

Brooke P. - 23/09/2015

I highly recommend Long's School of Dance. My daughter has danced there for 9 consecutive years and truly enjoys all the dance classes and talented instructors. The dance recital in June is always amazing!

Tina F. - 23/09/2015

I don't even know where to start! I am in awe! We just got home from the show a little while ago... my daughter was on cloud nine! I have been involved with musical arts for most of my life, but this is the first dance recital that I've ever attended. I am impressed! From all the hard work, months of rehearsals, care and love from all of the staff... Long's is the best! The show was professional, well put together, inspiring and so fun! I can't wait for classes to start again in the fall! Love to all, The Dow family

The Dow Family - 23/09/2015

The show last night was amazing and everyone did so well. Of course, my girls put me in tears, I am so proud of their accomplishments! I want to throw a special shout out to Ms. Sam and Ms. Karen for their hard work and dedication they put in all year for my girls. Thank you to the staff who puts this whole show together and all of the volunteers who put in time to help make this happen. And to Mr. Anthony as well, you all seriously rock! See you again tonight!

Allison R. - 23/09/2015