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We’re accepting Open Enrollment for the Dance Season

With over 15 different classes in a variety of dance styles, people of all ages can experience the joy and freedom of expression that dance creates for all. We offer classes for children as young as 3 years of age- it’s never too early to start fostering a love of dance!

We also feature an exclusive dance wear store, carrying the highest-quality dance apparel, including leotards, tights, and shoes for all styles of dance, so you can have a one-stop shop for all of the gear you need for class. We offer competitive pricing on all the best brands in the business, and can special-order any items we may not have in stock.

When you enroll at Long’s School of Dance, you’re doing so much more than just signing up for dance classes- you are embarking on a journey toward self-improvement that leads to a lifetime of fitness, confidence and poise. Today can be the day you let dance into your life- why wait a minute more? Call Long’s School of Dance today at (814) 833-7179 to inquire about classes, schedules, tuition rates and more. Let’s dance!!

We offer a graded syllabus in all performing arts subjects. All students are placed according to age and ability. The classes are 1 hour long, and are limited in size, enabling students to obtain more personal contact and time with his or her instructor. For maximum progress, we strongly urge students to train twice, or more, weekly.

Ages 3 to 4 (Tiny Tots):

  • Tap, Pre-Ballet, and Acrobatic Limbering

  • Irish

Ages 3 to 5 (Fairy Wings):

  • Creative Movement (4 week session)

Ages 5 to 6 (Broadway Babies):

  • Tap, Ballet, and Acrobatic Limbering

  • Irish

Ages 6 to 8 (Juniors):

  • Combination Tap and Ballet

  • Junior Jazz

  • Junior Hip Hop

  • Acrobatics

  • Irish

Ages 8 to Adult:

  • Tap

  • Ballet

  • Pointe

  • Jazz

  • Acrobatics

  • Hip Hop

  • Contemporary

  • Irish

Performance Supplies

Long’s School of Dance also carries a multitude of dance wear and other clothing. Find competitive prices on attire:

  • Leotards

  • Skirts

  • Tights

  • Shorts

  • Pants

  • Capris

  • Shoes for all Dance Styles

  • Dance Bags

  • Gift Certificates

  • Sweats

  • T-shirts, and much more!

Class Dress Code:

  • Earn Your Wings- Pink Long’s Leo, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Tiny Tots Irish- Shorts, Long’s Tee, White Poodle Socks, Black Ballet Shoes

  • Tiny Tots Acrodance- Pink Long’s Leo, Shorts, Tan footless or Stirrup Tights

  • Tiny Tu-Tu ~( 2 years old in TT) Yellow Long’s skirted Leo, Pink or Tan Footed Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes and Tan/Black Tap Shoes

  • Tiny Tots Tap and Ballet- Pink Long’s skirted Leo, Pink or Tan Footed Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes and Tan/Black Tap Shoes

  • Broadway Babies Tap and Ballet- Baby Blue skirted Long’s Leo, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes and Tan/Black Tap Shoes

  • Junior Tap and Ballet- Skirted Long’s Leo, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes and Tan/Black Tap Shoes (6yrs are Lilac, 7 and 8yrs are aqua)

  • Irish Dance – Shorts or Leggings, Long’s Tee, White Poodle Socks and Light and Heavy Shoes

  • Ages 9 up~ Raspberry Leo for level one~ the rest of the levels are by testing/exams

  • Ballet- Long’s Level Leo, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Jazz- Long’s Level Leo, Tan Tights, Tan or Black Jazz Shoes

  • Hip Hop- Long’s Sweat Pants, Long’s Tee, Black Hip Hop Shoes

  • Tap -Long’s Level Leo, Shorts, Tan Tights, Tan Tap Shoes

  • Acrodance- Long’s Level Leo, Shorts, Tan Stirrup Tights

  • Pointe- Long’s Level Leo, Matching or Black Skirt, Pink Pointe Shoes

  • Contemporary- Long’s Level Leo, Shorts, Long’s Tee (optional), Tan Stirrup Tights, Turning Shoes

  • Boys- Long’s Level Tee Shirt, Black Shorts or Sweat pants, Black Appropriate Style Shoes

  • Adults~ Merlot leotard

We’re accepting Open Enrollment for the Dance Season

Long’s School of Dance is proud to embody the highest standard of excellence in dance training. We’re thrilled to offer classes to serve children, teens and adults at all levels of dance experience in seven convenient locations throughout Erie, PA and the surrounding areas.


All students at Long’s School of Dance are placed according to age and ability. This helps us ensure that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in the class that best supports where you are in your dance training. We strongly encourage students who register for classes to train with us at least twice a week in order to maximize progress.

Register for your first class with us by accessing our registration portal or calling us at (814)833-7179, and see where Long’s School of Dance can take you.

Our Locations

West Erie/Millcreek

826 Selinger Ave

Erie, PA 16505

East Erie/Harborcreek

2640 East 38th Street

Erie, PA 16510


7378 West Ridge Road

Fairview, PA 16415

Mill Village/Waterford

3600 Route 6

Waterford, PA 16441


Elk Valley Elementary School
2556 Maple Ave. Lake City, PA 16423

Union City

St. Teresa Church

9 Third Ave.
Union City PA 16438


County YMCA

12285 YMCA Dr
Edinboro, PA 16412

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Long's School of Dance

826 Selinger Ave.

Erie, PA 16505

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