Irish Dance

We are Irish Dance in Erie!

Teaching Irish is a Passion! 

  • Recreational classes for children through adults

  • Competition teams

  • Weekly classes

  • Summer camps

  • Training facility for the WIDA (North America)

  • Annual Feis Host for Lake Erie Feis

  • Certified TCRG/TMRF Instructors

About the World Irish Dance Association

The main purpose of WIDA is to promote Irish dancing around the world, while striving to ensure the best possible experience for each individual on their level of involvement in Irish dance. This is encouraged through an open and friendly culture, which is always present at WIDA events, despite the competitive nature of modern Irish dance.


WIDA has developed a global presence and currently includes over 140 schools in 21 countries – and has over 50 feiseanna per year. Competitions, examinations and workshops are organized to promote Irish dance worldwide and to bring Irish dance into the hearts and feet of dance enthusiasts.  Annual exam sessions and dancer grade exams are run in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Siberia and the US creating a universally recognized teachers qualification program. (TCRG/TMRF) Have you ever wanted to Learn Irish Dancing?

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